Description - Ganda Software Factory

An information technology lab. A place where research and development new solutions, new services, and new technologies.

A personal project born as a testing development environment in 2013. It began as a laboratory of ideas where research and test new technologies, services, and solutions. An environment where keep me abreast of all new internet technologies and computing trends. During this time, it has grown to make room to a commonplace for all those new knowledge acquired that have broadly expanded the way of thinking about technology and its appliance to business.


When you have been strongly related to the Internet and web content diffusion during your professional career, you have to be constantly up-to-date.

It is not so easy to provide solutions to those needs and problems faced by companies when they want to gain in relevance and social impact to improve their business. If you move those needs to the internet, the business competitors are huge and fierce.

Luckily, there are plenty of tools to measure and analyze the impact of your business and the way and the kind of people you are reaching. Furthermore, web users have lots of ways to interact with you and express their points of view: they can share what they like, comment or post about it, vote or rate them, compare between some of them, etc.

The technology is placed between the company and its users, as the approach to connect both sides. Unfortunately, the available technology solutions used to provide the interface between the company and its users are also really wide.

That is the reason why the web consulting and web site development has become a deep ocean plenty of technologies, systems, architectures, methodologies, frameworks, programming languages, databases, etc.

A huge number of technical terms have emerged from all of this. Daily, information technology professionals are continuously referring to WPO (Web Performance Optimization), SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), Web Analytics, Business Analytics, Big Data, or Community Manager / Social Networks. Behind these terms you can find different companies, technologies, and solutions that provide many services that you can use.

Each company selects which services fit best with its business strategy or how to reach its target users, as well as the best way of gathering and analyzing the relevant information and data of their business. The chosen or used solutions depends on what you can get through the available technologies, with the sum of business strategy, planning, company resources, and staff capabilities.